Global Health Student Photography Contest

The purpose of EGHI's Global Health Student Photography Contest is to:

  1. Foster cultural sensitivity by encouraging Emory students conducting global health projects to examine the culture and people with whom they are working, and
  2. To inspire positive health action among both the student photographers and those who view the photographers' work.

Students from across the Emory campus have participated in this contest for 14 years. In addition to capturing both a global health message and creating a photographic work of art, EGHI also asks Emory students to consider ethical issues when takingphotographs of people experiencing different health challenges around the world. The photography contest is sponsored by Mr. Bob Yellowlees, an Atlanta business leader, philanthropist, and photographer who founded Lumière Gallery. 

Submit Photographs to the 2022 Contest 

Please find below a Zoom recording that features the 2021 winning student photographers discussing their photographs and the connection between art and global health. 

The Photograph as Document: Global Health and Social Justice 

In this panel discussion, participants explored the definition of documentary photography, the ethical considerations surrounding it, and the role the audience plays in creating a visual document's meaning.