‘untitled BLM’: Emory student steps into vulnerable space to create winning photo

At the intersection of art, health sciences, and social justice, Cody S. Henry creates a powerful and personal commentary on racism as a determinant of health.

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‘untitled BLM:’ Emory student steps into ‘vulnerable space to create winning global health photo

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    Spotlight Students

    Now in its 16th year, EGHI hosts teams from around the world to compete in the Emory Morningside Global Health Case Competition (EMGHCC), an experiential program that brings together students from multiple disciplines to address a critical global health challenge. In 2024, Yale University bested the competition with its winning solution to the case “Talking India’s Twindemic: Accelerating integrated diabetes melitus-tuberculosis care to end TB. An EMGHCC participant described his experience stating, "I was told this program would be one of the highlights of medical school, and it absolutely lived up to the expectations. I have a new appreciation for the intense research and planning it takes to implement similar health intervention programs in the real world."

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