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The Emory Global Health Case Competitions are unique opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students from multiple schools and disciplines to come together to promote awareness of and develop innovative solutions for 21st century global health issues. 

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Case Competition TypeYearCase Title Winning Team
Case Competition TypeYearCase TitleWinning Team
Intramural2012 Mexico’s Growing Childhood Obesity Challenge
International2013 “Can Global Sanitation 2020 Contribute to China’s Prosperity? Johns Hopkins University
International2014 “Envisioning the 21st Century WHO University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
International2015 "¡Alto a la Violencia!” Reducing Gun Violence in Honduras University of California Berkeley
International2016 Restoring Women’s Dignity: Preventing and Treating Obstetric Fistulas in India Cornell University
International2017 A Healthy Future: Addressing Children’s Mental Health Needs in Monrovia, Liberia Cornell University
International2018 An Epidemic Offsides: Containing an Outbreak During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Emory University
International2019 A Storm’s A-Comin’! Implementing Innovative Hurricane Disaster Preparedness Strategies in a Changing Global Climate University of Melbourne
International2020 Hasta La Vista Baby! Government Policies and Effective Initiatives for the Eradication of Measles Emory University
International2021 I Am Not Throwin’ Away My Shot: Addressing the Challenges of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Hesitancy, and Equity Duke Kunshan University
International2022 Taking on Environmental Health Disparities: Developing Health Action Plans to Improve the Health of Indigenous Peoples
Intramural2009 Severe Acute Malnutrition Strategy in the Oromiya Region, Ethiopia
Intramural2011 “Sofi’s World: UNHCR’s East Africa Predicament” Emory University: 1st and 2nd place; Dartmouth College & University of California at San Francisco: Honorable Mention; Rice University: Innovation Award
Intramural2010 Addressing Tobacco Burdens in Gujarat, India
International2012 Opportunities and Minefields: CanAID’s Strategy for Sri Lanka Emory University
Intramural2013 Le cœur et l'âme du système de santé en France” (Translation: The Heart and Soul of France’s Health System)
Intramural2014 The Public Health Olympics
Intramural2015 Brick by BRICS: Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Development in the Former Soviet Union
Intramural2016 Gateway to the South: Tackling Sex Trafficking in Atlanta
Intramural2017 Growing Pains: Palliative Care in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
Intramural2018 Flight & Plight: Refugee Health and Well-Being in Atlanta
Intramural2019 There’s No Smoke, But Is There Fire? Addressing Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems In China’s Guandong Province
Intramural2020 Gaming Gluttony: Bringing Internet and Gaming Issues to the Forefront in China
Intramural2021 Pandemic PTSD: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis of Health Care Workers in the Time of COVID-19
Intramural2022 Envisioning a New Olympic Era:Using the Olympic Games to Promote One Health Preparedness