Decolonizing Global Health to Improve Health Equity

Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI) launched the Decolonizing Global Health Lecture Series in 2020. The 2020-21 forums included 5 webinars that focused on the history of colonialism in global health, provided the definition for coloniality, and presented case studies. In 2022, a second series focused on creating equitable partnership among global health collaborators. 

EGHI brings together students, faculty, partners, and experts to examine, discuss, and act on ways to address entrenched systems of power in the planning, programming, and practice of global health.  In this effort, EGHI serves as a convener and a catalyst committed to four primary goals at Emory University:

  1. To increase awareness about structural issues and improve practices to advance Global health equity
  2. To integrate global equity principles into all EGHI activities and programs 
  3. To promote equitable global health partnerships at Emory University 
  4. To strengthen EGHI’s ability to build capacity of global health workforce 

EGHI also seeks to share lessons with other global health organizations, educational institutions, and partners in global health research and practice.

Hear from thought-leaders and explore resources on decolonizing global health:

  • EGHI Lecture Series: Watch panel discussions, access resources, and delve into history of global health, the influence of colonialism, and the way colonization has affected specific countries.
  • Toolkit: Articles, glossary, and other resources to support equity in global health activities and programs