Faculty Seed Grant Awardees

Use the filters below to view the faculty projects that we have funded below by year, country, fund type, and faculty member Emory school affiliation. If you do not see a year listed below, it is because we were unable to fund seed grants that year. Click on project titles for additional information.

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Faculty Seed Grants
-Rengarajan, Jyothi SOM Faculty Distinction Funds2007 India, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, United States -
-Narayan, Venkat RSPH, SOM Faculty Distinction Funds2007 Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Israel, Liberia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, United Kingdown, United States, Zambia -
-Frisvold, David ECAS Faculty Distinction Funds2008 United States -
-Gillespie, Thomas ECAS Faculty Distinction Funds2008 Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United States -
-Leon, Juan RSPH Faculty Distinction Funds2008 Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru -
-Markowitz, Sara ECAS Faculty Distinction Funds2008 United States -
-Omer, Saad RSPH, SOM Faculty Distinction Funds2008 Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru -
-Phillips, Michael RSPH Faculty Distinction Funds2008 China, India -
-Ali, Mo RSPH Faculty Distinction Funds2010 India, Pakistan -
-Remais, Justin RSPH Faculty Distinction Funds2012 Australia, China, Ecuador, Senegal -
-Vazquez-Prokopec, Gonzalo ECAS Faculty Distinction Funds2012-
Global Government Health Partners Forum 2006: The Breaking Point - Human Resources for HealthSalmon, Marla SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2006Held forum to discuss the primary reasons for the global shortage of health works, and developed ways to remedy this problem.
Emory/ICGEB Vaccine CenterAhmed, Rafi SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 India Established the ICGEB-Emory Vaccine Center in New Delhi, India, dedicated to vaccine research focused on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, dengue virus, malaria and other infectious diseases that disproportionately affect the developing world.
Zambia-Emory Initiative in TB/HIVBlumberg, Henry SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 Zambia Developed collaboration and infrastructure in Zambia to conduct TB and TB/HIV research.
Global Health without TravelFranco-Paredes, Carlos SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 United States Worked in epidemiology/surveillance/medical care and research in refugee health with regards to neglected tropical diseases.
Peking University ExchangeFu, Haian SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 China Worked in epidemiology/surveillance/medical care and research in refugee health with regards to neglected tropical Determined new strategies for therapeutic interventions for cardiovascular disease based on research demonstrating HIP-55 (a multifunctional regulatory protein) as a newly identified cardiac protector.
Emory Spine Center for Medical Outreach and EducationFu, Haian SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 China Established Emory Spine Center for Outreach and Medical Education (ESCOME) to provide framework for integrating international medical education.
International Health EthicsKathy, Kinlaw Ctr for Ethics EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 Ethiopia, Mexico, Russia Hosted International Care Ethics Summit in 2008 involving faculty from Emory and Georgia Tech.
RSA Drug DiscoveryDennis, Liotta ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 South Africa Trained African scientists in early stage drug discovery with the goal of combating infectious and immunologic diseases that disproportionately affect impoverished populations in low- and middle-resource countries.
Partners in Global Health: Emory University & INSP of MexicoRey, Martorell RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Vietnam Strengthened and expanded existing relationship between Emory University & the Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP) by establishing formal mechanisms for creating student/faculty collaborative experiences in research, teaching, and service.
China Tobacco Control PartnershipMiner, Kathleen RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 China, United States Led to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Global Health Institute-China Tobacco Control Partnership Program (CTP), which developed and implemented effective and sustainable tobacco prevention and control initiatives to reduce the health, social, environmental, & economic burdens of tobacco use in China.
Global Health and MigrationNarayan, Venkat RSPH, SOM Faculty Distinction Funds2007 Canada, Germany, Mexico Established a research program that addresses the impact that globalization and global migration have on the health of specific populations.
MDRF-Emory Population-based Global Diabetes Research CenterNarayan, Venkat RSPH, SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 India Established Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF)-Emory Population-based Global Diabetes Research Center where researchers work to find solutions to the growing global diabetes epidemic.
Improving Birth Outcomes in BangladeshSibley, Lynn SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 Bangladesh Administered training program in Bangladesh to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity resulting from complications in low-resource settings (home birth, unskilled attendants).
Countries in TransitionWalker, Kenneth SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 Georgia Examined nutritional status of women and children in the country of Georgia, and developed curriculum for Republic of Georgia Ministry of Education (emergency medicine and nursing).
Community Influences on Adolescent Sexual HealthStephenson, Robert RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 Ghana, Malawi, Pakistan, Uganda Examined community influences on sexual behavior and HIV in Pakistan.
Community Leadership FellowsWinskell, Kate RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007Provided fellowship opportunities to proven community leaders in Africa through the Community Partners Leadership Fellows Program.
Consortium on Avian Influenza ControlYang, Chinglai SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2007 China Established international animal influenza surveillance studies, and formed solid partnerships with Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (Harbin) and Fudan University (Shanghai) in China.
AIDS Caregiving in Addis AbabaBrown, Peter ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Ethiopia Explored the motivation of volunteer HIV/AIDS home-based caregivers in impoverished settings where HIV/AIDS is highly stigmatized.
Micronutrient Supplementation: Childhood Diarrhea in BrazilCole, Conrad SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Brazil Established MOU between Emory & Federal University of Bahia, Brazil to build research capacity to improve childhood nutrition and reduce diarrheal disease in children.
Genetic Epidemiology of Autism in China: Phase 1Cubells, Joe SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 China Developed methods to assess the prevalence of autism-spectrum disorder (ASD), and established itself among the leaders in international efforts to promote autism research in China.
Secondary Prevention for HIV Positive Men in South AfricaDunkle, Kristin RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 South Africa Determined prevention needs and developed intervention for HIV-positive heterosexual men in Soweto, South Africa.
Expanding Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Capacity in Global HealthFoster, JennyEGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008Expanded interdisciplinary undergraduate capacity in global health by establishing the Minor in Global Health for undergraduates, as well as developing three courses in global health offered across programs.
HIV Neuropathy in HIV Positive South AfricaHarrison, Taylor SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 South Africa Identified TB co-infection to be a significant predictor of neuropathy.
Extensively Drug Resistant TB in TbilisiKempker, Russell SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Georgia First group to report the impact of rapid molecular diagnostics tests on improving the time to culture conversion of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis, and in decreasing the time patients remained infectious - thus limited the potential spread of TB to the community.
Impact of Insecticide PaintKitron, Uriel LGS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Argentina, Denmark, India, Mali Developed and assessed a line of slow release insecticide treated paint (ITP) formulations for effective control of vector-borne diseases.
Acute Trauma CareMacLeod, Jana SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia Conducted 2 workshops for surgical trainees in Kenya & Zambia in collaboration with the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and South Africa (COSECSA).
Global Research Network Focusing on Early Life and Long-term Human FunctionRey, MartorellEGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 China Demonstrated that folic acid supplementation around conception leads to dramatic reductions in the incidence of neural tube defects through large-scale cohort studies in China.
Center for Global Safe Water: Expanded Partnerships and Research ActivitiesMoe, Christine RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda Center for Global Safe Water (CGSW) strengthened and expanded its international and Atlanta-based partnerships, and influenced water and sanitation implementation policies.
One Laptop Per Child Health InterventionPrietula, Michael, Prietula, Michael GBS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 United States Developed a technology-based HIV prevention intervention for children and youth in Kenya with a collaboration between Emory University and Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Center.
Development of an Injury Research center in MozambiqueSasser, Scott SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Mozambique Developed multidisciplinary injury control research center in Mozambique.
Global Environmental Health Partnership with the University of Copenhagen | Flemming Konradsen Visiting FellowshipTolbert, Paige RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Bolivia, Denmark, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam Formalized Global Environmental Health Partnership with the University of Copenhagen, and expanded the Global Environmental Health training program.
Global Health Law and Policy ProjectVertinsky, Liza Law EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008Developed global health and policy program that included the development of a scholars' network focusing on global health and policy issues and new global health law and policy courses.
Antimicrobial ResistanceWang, Yun SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 China Generated data to assist microbiologists, clinicians, epidemiologists, and infection control practitioners in understanding and controlling antimicrobial resistance in the healthcare setting.
Building Partnerships to Strengthen Interventions: Philani Project, South AfricaWorthman, Carol ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 South Africa Assessed risk for HIV, TB, alcoholism, and malnutrition in mothers and infants in Philani, South Africa by indexing biomarkers of the mothers.
Impact of Vitamin D Supplementation on Host Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Response to Treatment: Building Translational Research Capacity in NutritionZiegler, Thomas SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2008 Georgia Strengthened the Emory-Georgia academic partnership with development of a new research and training program/infrastructure for research linking nutrition and TB-infectious disease research.
Global Non-Communicable DiseasesAli, Mo RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2010 India, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United States Established research platform and built capacity in South Asia for diabetes research and management.
Ethiopian PartnershipsBlumberg, Henry, Blumberg, Henry SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2012 Ethiopia Implemented the use of magnesium sulfate in all public hospitals in Ethiopia to treat pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.
China Partnership Seed Grant: Establishing a collaborative Global Mental Health Center between Shanghai Mental Health Center and Emory UniversityRothbaum, Barbara SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2012 China Established the Shanghai Mental Health Center-Emory University Collaborative Center for Global Mental Health with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Understanding the Health Burden in Tibetan HouseholdsSaikawa, Eri ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2012 China, Nepal, Tibet Measured and raised awareness of indoor air pollution in Tibet, China, and Nepal.
RPE support for R01 dataLeon, Juan RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2013 Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico Conducted research on vaccine cost-effectiveness, food safety, and enteric virus survival, which has been used to change country and state-wide policies.
Developing and Demonstrating the Feasibility of a Novel Method for Extracting and Using Clinical Records to Evaluate the Impact of a Targeted Health Intervention in RwandaClasen, Thomas RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2018 Rwanda Recent Awardee: Will develop and demonstrate the feasibility of a novel method for extracting and using clinical records to evaluate the health impact of a large-scale Rwanda Ministry of Health program that delivered water filters and cookstoves to over 100,000 households in randomized clinic catchment areas.
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Pilot Program – MozambiqueBagley, Margo Law EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2018 Mozambique Recent Awardee: Will use rapid, inexpensive, and accurate near infrared spectral (NIRS) analyzers to detect falsified medicines in Mozambique and to help assess the costs of such falsified medicines to governments and individuals.
Estimating Adolescent Girls' Exposure to Plastic Burning in Rural Households Participating in the HAPIN Gas Stove Intervention Trial in Jalapa, GuatemalaThompson, Lisa SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2018 Guatemala Recent Awardee: Measuring adolescent girls’ behavior and exposure to plastic burning (wood fire vs. gas stove) in rural Guatemala.
Improved Chemical Control and Diagnostics of Aedes-borne VirusesVazquez-Prokopec, Gonzalo ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2018Recent Awardee: Establishing serology-based methods for Aedes-borne viruses, and evaluating new insecticide molecules that provide longer protection and minimize resistance evolution in mosquitos.
Evaluation of a Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Determination Smartphone App to Detect Anemia in RefugeesYoung, Melissa RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2018 United States Recent Awardee: Evaluating accuracy and usability of smartphone app that measures Hemoglobin level.
Mapping the inflammation and epigenetics landscape of gestational diabetes mellitus in Indian mothers and their babiesBhasin, Manoj SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 India -
Survive and Thrive: Transforming Labor-Related Emergency Care in Ethiopia’s Health System by Linking Novel Assessment with Real-time Data-to-Action SolutionsCranmer, John SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Ethiopia -
Working towards an Ethiopia-Emory Collaboration on Antimicrobial REsistance (WE CARE)Kempker, Russell SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Ethiopia -
Stop Sepsis Now: Developing and testing interventions to prevent neonatal sepsis in Amhara, EthiopiaMoe, Christine RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Ethiopia -
Towards Universal Health Coverage: Establishing a Nursing Regulatory Council in EthiopiaRogers, Martha SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Ethiopia -
Chronic Cough Across Races: Understanding and comparing chronic cough symptoms due to air pollution among Chinese and Indian immigrants and the American population living in Atlanta, Georgia.Eri, Saikawa RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 China, India, United States -
Collaborative Advanced Trauma Care: Expansion and evaluation of a comprehensive program to strengthen trauma care in PakistanYaffee, Anna SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Pakistan -
Exposure to Sexually Explicit Material and Sexual Violence Perpetration in Vietnamese College MenYount, KAthryn RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2020 Vietnam -
Quantifying the Relationship between Air Pollution Exposure and Childhood Diseases in ChinaEri, Saikawa RSPH Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 China Assessed the prevalence and severity of the childhood asthma, tuberculosis, and low-birth weight in individuals living in different households in Tibet and made comparisons between different exposure levels.
RAPPID – Rapid Assessment of Pediatric Patients with Infectious Diseases and Immune DeficiencyShane, Andi SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 Ethiopia Conducted a three-phase prospective study with surveillance, intervention, and assessment/evaluation components, while building upon existing collaborations between Emory University and Black Lion Hospital.
Maternal Nutritional Status and Pancreatic Beta Cell Function in AsiaStaimez, Lisa RSPH Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 India Investigated the role of maternal adioposity on beta cell function in Asian Indian infants.
Maternal Obesity, HIV, & Gestational Diabetes and Infant Health and Body Composition in Urban South AfricaStein, Aryeh RSPH Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 South Africa Conducted study around child health related to maternal obesity, HIV, and gestational diabetes in mothers/children in urban South Africa.
Detection of Anemia and Its Risk Factors Among Preschool Children in Malawi – Phase 1Suchdev, Parminder SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 Malawi Supported the 2015-16 National Micronutrient Survey in Malawi to provide up-to-date data to support the planning and monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions.
Indoor Residual Spraying to Support Integrated Dengue ManagementVazquez-Prokopec, Gonzalo ECAS Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2015 Mexico Examined the human social response to and entomologic impact of IRS applications targeting adult Aedes aegypti in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Iron Folic Acid Supplementation and Anemia Reduction in Adolescent School Girls in Ghana: An Impact EvaluationAddo, Yaw RSPH Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Ghana Implemented a nested biological impact and intensive monitoring evaluation study within phase-I of a national iron and folic acid (IFA) supplementation program.
Addressing the Public Health Threat of Neglected Tropical Diseases in Brazil: Leprosy and Schistosomiasis in ChildrenFairley, Jessica SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Brazil Conducted a case-control study, along with a geospatial study, in Minas Gerais, Brazil to better define leprosy and schistosomiasis in children, which further strengthened Emory’s collaborations with Brazil.
A Healthy Future: Addressing Children’s Mental Health Needs in Monrovia, LiberiaKoplan, Jeff EGHI Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 United States Brought together multidisciplinary student teams from 24 universities to participate in the International Emory Global Health Case Competition and develop mental health programs for children in Monrovia, Liberia.
An Unbiased Approach to Identify Risk-Factors Associated with Diarrheal Disease in Children in MadagascarGillespie, Thomas ECAS Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Argentina, Madagascar Identified risk factors of childhood diarrheal disease by examining patient pathogen community composition, as well as ecological interactions between people and animals.
Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis in the Pediatric HIV Population of SwazilandO'Bannion, Jacquelyn SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Swaziland Investigated the Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) problem in children living with HIV in SubSaharan Africa.
Detection of Anemia and Its Risk Factors Among Preschool Children in Malawi – Phase 2Suchdev, Parminder SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Malawi Supported the 2015-16 National Micronutrient Survey in Malawi to provide up-to-date data to support the planning and monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions.
Functional and Psychosocial Impact of Eye Disease in Pediatric Ebola SurvivorsYeh, Steven SOM Marcus Foundation Seed Grants2017 Sierra Leone Evaluated pediatric Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) survivors for eye disease, visual function, the impact on vision-related and health-related quality-of-life, and the association of eye disease with mental health.
Feasibility + Acceptability of a Virtual Savvy Caregiver Program in JamaicaBrewster, Glenna SON EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2021This project is a collaborative relationship focused on dementia care interventions between Emory faculty and researchers at the Caribbean region’s leading health research institute and a partnering non-governmental organization focused on mental and cognitive health in Jamaica, Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JaMHAN).
Adapting the myPlan Mobile Application for use among Brazilian Women experiencing Intimate Partner ViolenceEvans, Dabney RSPH EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2021 Brazil This project aims to create a beta version of myPlan for use among Brazilian populations, leading to the reduction of intimate partner violence and femicide in Brazil.
Developing a Culturally Responsive, Evidence-Informed Wellness Toolkit for Healthcare Workers in China Kaslow, Nadine SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2021 China This project aims to develop and pilot test a culturally responsive, evidence-informed wellness toolkit for the healthcare workers in 4 hospitals in two large Chinese cities.
Understanding the differential response to dengue and Zika virus infectionVazquez-Prokopec, Gonzalo ECAS EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2021The goal of this project is to perform an unprecedented, in-depth characterization of the antibody response to DENV and/or ZIKV infection at the individual and population level in an endemic city.
Working towards an Ethiopia-Emory Collaborations on Antimicrobial Resistance Genomic Surveillance (WE-Seq) Woodworth, Michael SOM EGHI Faculty Seed Grants2021 Ethiopia WE-Seq aims to collaboratively enhance Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)) genomic surveillance capacity through peer mentored research and practical workshops, and to evaluate the perception and acceptability of microbiome therapeutics with qualitative research methods