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Global Health Student Photography Contest

2015 Global Health Student Photography Awardees

In November 2015, the Emory Global Health Institute announced the winning, special merit, and honorable mention photographs from its 2015 Global Health Student Photography Contest. The purpose of the contest is to foster cultural sensitivity by encouraging Emory students conducting global health projects to examine the culture and people with whom they are working.

In 2015, EGHI received over 100 photography submissions from Emory students, which you can view here. Mr. Bob Yellowlees, an Atlanta business leader, philanthropist, and photographer who founded Lumière Gallery, sponsors the student photography contest.

Learn more about the upcoming Global Health Student Photography Contest.

Students submitting Winning Photographs included:

Samantha Chao, Rollins School of Public Health
Jessica Deere, Rollins School of Public Health
Beryl Manning-Geist, Emory University School of Medicine
Lucas Philipp, Emory University School of Medicine
Moira Wood, Rollins School of Public Health

Students submitting Honorable Mention Photographs included:

Samantha Chao, Rollins School of Public Health
Chloe Eng, Rollins School of Public Health
Cate Green, Rollins School of Public Health
Kate Groenevelt, Laney Graduate School
Anna Newton, Rollins School of Public Health
Lucas Philipp, Emory University School of Medicine
Jonathan Smith, Laney Graduate School
The 2015 winning photographs can be viewed below.


Sunlit Church Wall, Ethiopia; Samantha Chao
A ray of sunlight lands upon a young woman as she sits against the outer wall of a monolithic rock-hewn church in the northern town of Lalibela, Ethiopia. Beside her, an Ethiopian priest quietly reads his Bible. Elsewhere in the city, thousands of citizens gathered for the Festival for St. Michael, one of the biggest festivals of the year. These churches of Lalibela are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are one of the main tourist attractions of Ethiopia.  


On the Water's Edge, Rwanda; Jessica Deere
This photograph is of a group of boys who live in a rural area of northern Rwanda. They are looking at a boat before it is taken out onto the lake. Some of the boys’ torn clothing could be an indicator of low socioeconomic status. The boys pictured also use this lake for cleaning and swimming, and the lake is likely to contain waterborne pathogens that could be transmitted to these children and others in the area. 


The Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia; Beryl Manning-Geist
This photograph captures the deep faith integral to Ethiopian culture. As the country modernizes, cultural themes endure, largely due to the devotion and commitment of young Ethiopians. At the center of this all is the church, an institution whose influences permeate all aspects of Ethiopian life. Here, at the festival of the covenant, three aspiring priests present a replica of this ancient artifact, still rumored to be housed in the country. 


Translating Empathy, Haiti: Lucas Philipp
In this photograph, a medical student, Tor, and two nurses speak with a man who has had a large operation. Though he had no more questions, and in spite of the hectic environment, these three lingered by the bedside for several minutes "just to talk." When it was time to go, Tor had one final thing to say to the translator: “Tell him we’re here for him. Anything at all, we’re here.” With all of the science, data, and statistics available, it is sometimes easy to forget that at the heart of it all lies human interaction, and the value of caring for one another.


Play, Swaziland; Moira Wood
In the country with the highest HIV prevalence in the world, thousands of children in Swaziland have lost their parents to the epidemic. Being orphaned, migrating between the remaining family members who can afford to support them, and having to learn how to fend for themselves, the childhood of a Swazi is short.   

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