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What We Do: Overview


What We Do


what insetThe Emory Global Health Institute helps Emory University improve health around the world by supporting Emory faculty members and students engaged in a variety of global health research, scholarship, service, and training activities.

Through our Faculty Programs, we assist Emory University in recruiting and hiring talented faculty members with global health expertise in numerous disciplines. We also support faculty research and scholarship, and help connect faculty members with both global health programmatic and funding partners.

Through our Student Programs, we provide Emory students from across the University with innovative, multidisciplinary, global health learning experiences.

Through our Special Events and Programs, we work on projects that focus on a specific global health issues around the world, bring visiting global health scholars to Emory, and recognize past global health achievements. These special projects help us both improve health around the world and foster the global health community at Emory.

Through our Ethiopia Networking and Collaborations initiative, we provide Emory faculty and staff with a wide range of partnership development and networking opportunities relevant to working in Ethiopia.