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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

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2016 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars are recipients of the Institute's Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards. Scholars are students from across Emory University who have proposed innovative global learning projects that involve a partnership with local organizations in the country where they seek to conduct field work. To apply for a Global Health Institute Field Scholars Award, please see our field scholar funding opportunities.

Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars can be individual field scholars or multidisciplinary team field scholars. A list of the 2016 field scholars and their projects are found below. Please click on each project to learn about the scholars and their global health field experiences.

Individual Field Scholar Projects

Assessing Environmental Contamination in the Maternity Wards of Two National Hospitals in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Impact of Chemical Water Quality on the Gut Microbiome of Infants in Piura, Peru
Nutrition and Diarrheal Characterization of Afro-Colombian Mother-Infant Pairs in Urabá, Colombia
Uncovering the Causes of Chronic Undernutrition in Rural El Salvador
Understanding Communuity Attitudes and Perceptions of "Movie Night" Messaging and Media in Nord Ubangi Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholar Projects

An Exploration of the Enabling Environment in Midwifery Care: A Qualitative, Comparative Study of Midwifery Practice in Ancud and Santiago, Chile
Capacity Building for the Midwifes Association of Togo Lomé
Studying Exposure of Women and Young Children to Zoonotic Diseases in Northern Kenya: A Multidisciplinary Team Conducting a Women's Empowerment and Maternal and Child Health Project