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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

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2014 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

2013 fsa bahamas teamEmory Global Health Institute Field Scholars are recipients of the Institute's Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards. Scholars are students from across Emory University who have proposed innovative global learning projects that involve a partnership with local organizations in the country where they seek to conduct field work. To apply for a Global Health Institute Field Scholars Award, please see our field scholar funding opportunities.

Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars can be individual field scholars or multidisciplinary team field scholars. A list of the 2014 field scholars and their projects are found below. Please click on each project to learn about the scholars and their global health field experiences.

Individual Field Scholar Projects

Adapting an Autism Screening Tool for Refugee Children at the Dekalb Country Pediatric Refugee Clinic
Enabling those Disabled by their Society: A Student-led Initiative to Develop a Framework for Vocational Rehabilitation in a Developing Nation
Epidemiology of Antimicrobial Resistance Associated with Diarrheal Disease in Ranomafana, Madagascar
Testing Modulatory Effects of Malnutrition on the Life Stressor-Mental Illness Pathway

Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholar Projects

An Analysis of Barriers to Access of Safe Abortion Services among Women in Colombia
An Evaluation of the Quality and Effectiveness of Care Provided to Survivors of Gender-based Violence in Ethiopia
Evaluation of Implementation, Access, and Acceptability of Abortion Care at the Healthcare Level in Uruguay Following the Procedure's Decriminalization
A Communuity-Based Participatory Research Approach Using a Political Ecology Framework to Study the Links between Human and Environmental Health in the Tz'utujil Maya Communities of San Pablo and San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala
Developing and Assessing a Locally Appropriate Condom Sizing System in South Africa
Family and Community Context of Intimate Partner Violence among Rural Men in My Hao District, Vietnam
Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Policy, Perceptions, and Implementation
Integrating Livelihoods and Public Health: Strengthening the Capacity of Daily Development Projects to Maximize Public Health and Nutrition Benefits through Participatory, Pro-Poor Research in Tanzania
Moving toward Legitimacy: Sex Worker Advocay in Cape Town, South Africa
The Rapid Scale Up of Medical Education in Ethiopia: Assessing the Impact of Addis Ababa University
Religion's Influence on HIV-Infected and HIV-Affected Adolescents in Kenya