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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

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2013 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

2013 fsa bahamas teamEmory Global Health Institute Field Scholars are recipients of the Institute's Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards. Scholars are students from across Emory University who have proposed innovative global learning projects that involve a partnership with local organizations in the country where they seek to conduct field work. To apply for a Global Health Institute Field Scholars Award, please see our field scholar funding opportunities.

Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars can be individual field scholars or multidisciplinary team field scholars. A list of the 2013 field scholars and their projects are found below. Please click on each project to learn about the scholars and their global health field experiences.

Individual Field Scholar Projects

Arborloo Uptake, Sustained Use, and Diffusion in Rural Ethiopia
Building Infectious Disease Epidemiology through Enhancement of Syndromic Surveillance Capacity in the United States Territory of American Samoa
Infant and Young Child Feeding Beliefs, Attitudes, and Practices in Haiti: A Mixed-Methods Approach
Innovative Feeding Tools to Improve Infant Nutrition and Growth in Western Kenya
Prevalence of Gestational Anemia and its Association with Prenatal Care Utilization in Vespasiano, Brazil
Understanding Injury-related Mortality in Kigali, Rwanda

Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholar Projects

Addressing Chronic Disease in Eleuthera, Bahamas: Developing Targeted Educational Interventions in School, Church, Community, and Clinical Settings
Adolescent Health in a Globalizing World: Understanding the Impact of Behaviors ad Attitudes on a Healthy Weight Among Adolescents in Bijapur, India
Assessing the Feasibility of Custom-fitted Condoms as a Sexual Health Intervention in Three Urban Centers in South Africa
Baseline Assessment of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Infectious Diseases, Community Demographics, and Livelihood in the Bisate Catchment Area, Rwanda
Birth Outcome Data and Women's, Physicians', and Nurses'  Perceptions of the Quality of Maternity Services in Hospital San Vincente de Paul, San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic
The Development of a Tz'utujil Maya Community Informed Reproductive Health Program at the ODIM Clinic of San Pablo and San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala
Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Ranomafana, Madagascar
Faith-based Organizations as Promoters of Prevention Interventions: A Feasibility Study of Parent-to-Child Programs on Sexual/Reproductive Health, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, and Violence in the Bañado Sur Neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay
Understanding the Effects of Religion on Public Health and Development Practice in Kenya