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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

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2012 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

fs awards 2012 insetEmory Global Health Institute Field Scholars are recipients of the Institute's Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards. Scholars are students from across Emory University who have proposed innovative global learning projects that involve a partnership with local organizations in the country where they seek to conduct field work. To apply for a Global Health Institute Field Scholars Award, please see our field scholar funding opportunities.

Global Health Institute Field Scholars can be individual field scholars or multidisciplinary team field scholars. A list of the 2012 field scholars and their projects are found below. Please click on each project to learn about the scholars and their global health field experiences.

Individual Field Scholar Projects

Bridging Environmental Conservation and Public Health: Assessment of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International's Community Health Program in Rwanda
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Polymorphisms of Genes Encoding their Metabolic Enzymes, and Risk of Neural Tube Defects
Program Evaluation of a WASH Intervention in Eastern Nigeria: Implications for Program Quality, Sustainability, and Future Interventions, Umuenechi Village, Nibo, Anambra State, Nigeria
Resilience and Adolescent Health: An Assessment of Risks and Assets in the Banado Sur Neighborhood of Asuncion, Paraguay
WASH Intervention Monitoring Using Mobile Phone Technology in Rural Bangladesh with International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh

Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholar Projects

Addressing Sexual Violence in Post-Conflict Liberia: Community Approaches
Assessing the Burden of Diarrheal Disease and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Behaviors in Migrant Haitian-Dominican Communities in the Dominican Republic: Inroads for Prevention and Promotion
Assessment and Enhancement of Knowledge of Neglected Infections of Poverty Among Medical Providers that Serve the Latino Immigrant Population in Metropolitian Atlanta
Collaborative Adaptation and Implementation of a Community Health Promoter Intervention for Diabetes Self-Management among the Tz'utujil Maya of San Pablo and San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala
A Cost Analysis of Pediatric Cataract Surgery at Three Child Eye Health Tertiary Facilities in Africa (Malawi and Zimbabwe)
Evaluation of Dietary Practices and Malnutrition among Women of Reproductive Age in El Alto, Bolivia
Home-Based Care (HBC) Program Evaluation in Kwa-zulu, Natal, South Africa
Integrated Assessment of Climate, Water Quality, and Vulnerability in Bangladesh
Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools: A Multi-Setting Approach for Applied Learning and Improved Practice
Migrant Health in Chennai, India: Assessing Diabetes Burden in Migrant and Non-Migrant Urban Populations
Rehabilitation Services for the Sacred Coeur Hospital and Orphanages in the Immediate Community of Milot, Haiti: A Pilot Study
Understanding the Effects of Religion on Public Health and Development Practice in Kenya