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Global Health Topics

Reproductive Health

gh topics insetEGHI supports Emory faculty and students addressing reproductive health issues around the world. Specific projects focus on a wide range of topics including contraception and family planning, menstrual hygiene, cervical cancer prevention, and sexual health.

Bolivia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone

Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools: A Multi-setting Approach for Applied Learning and Improved Practice, 2012 Student Field Scholar Project.


Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a Health Sexual Communication Measure for Young Women in Gaborone, Botswana for HIV Prevention, 2007 Student Field Scholar Project.

Brazil and Colombia

Needs Assessment of Family Planning Methods in the Colombian & Brazilian Border Amazon Region: A Qualitative Approach, 2008 Student Field Scholar Project.


Henry Blumberg, Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Emory University School of Medicine, received a 2009 EGHI Seed Grant to conduct a Pilot Project to Prevent Cervical Cancer in Women in Ethiopia. Funded by the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, the primary purpose of this pilot project was to screen and treat women for cervical dysplasia at a district hospital in Debre Markos, Ethiopia.

Ghana, Malawi, Pakistan, and Uganda

Rob Stephenson, Assistant Professor of Global Health at the Rollins School of Public Health, received a 2007 EGHI Seed Grant to conduct a project entitled Community Influences on Adolescent Sexual Health. The project examined community influences on sexual behavior and HIV in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, and Pakistan.


The Development of a Tz'utujil Maya Community Informed Reproductive Health Program at the ODIM Clinic of San Pablo and San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, 2013 Student Field Scholar Project.


Promoting Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health through the Development of Strategic and Targeted Advocacy Campaigns Directed to the General Public to Reduce Abortion-related Stigma and Contribute to an Increased Access to Legal Abortion Services in Mexico, 2011 Student Field Scholar Project.
Responding to the Conservative Backlash to Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Mexico, 2010 Student Field Scholar Project.

South Africa

Assessing the Feasibility of Custom-fitted Condoms as a Sexual Health Intervention in Three Urban Centers in South Africa, 2013 Student Field Scholar Project.

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