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Global Health Topics

Faith, Religion, and Health

gh topics insetEGHI supports Emory faculty and students exploring how faith, religion, and health are related. Specific projects focus on a variety of topics such as the exploration of tensions between faith and health, the role of religion in development, and the role of faith based health care.


Understanding the Effects of Religion on Public Health and Development Practice in Kenya, 2013 Student Field Scholar Project.
Understanding the Effects of Religion on Public Health and Development Practice in Kenya, 2012 Student Field Scholar Project.
Understanding the Connections and Tensions between Religion, Health, and Development in Contemporary Kenya, 2011 Student Field Scholar Project.


Transformational Qualities of Care: A Study of Faith-based Health Care for Palestinians, 2009 Student Field Scholar Project.


Faith-based Organizations as Promoters of Prevention Interventions: A Feasibility Study of Parent-to-Child Programs on Sexual/Reproductive Health, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, and Violence in the Bañado Sur Neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay, 2013 Student Field Scholar Project.

United States

Venkat Narayan, Ruth and O.C. Hubert Professor of Global Health and Epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health and an EGHI Faculty Distinction Fund Awardee, is working on a project entitled Fit Body and Soul: A Lifestyle Intervention for Diabetes Prevention Conducted through African-American Churches. Funded by the National Institutes for Health, this project is a randomized-controlled study that will test the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention program delivered to African Americans in faith-based activities and settings. The intervention, which is based on the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program, is designed to reduce excess weight, increase physical activity, and lower elevated blood sugar, all of which are risk factors for type-2 diabetes.


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