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Emory Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards Program

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2011 Global Health Institute Field Scholars

fs awards 2011 insetEmory Global Health Institute Field Scholars are recipients of the Institute's Global Health Institute Field Scholars Awards. Scholars are students from across Emory University who have proposed innovative global learning projects that involve a partnership with local organizations in the country where they seek to conduct field work. To apply for a Global Health Institute Field Scholars Award, please see our field scholar funding opportunities.

Global Health Institute Field Scholars can be individual field scholars or multidisciplinary team field scholars. A list of the 2011 field scholars and their projects are found below. Please click on each project to learn about the scholars and their global health field experiences.

Individual Field Scholar Projects

Assessing the Effectiveness of Community-based Continuous Quality Improvement for Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia
Assessing Environmental Pesticide Soil Exposure in Chili Farming Communities, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand
Delays in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and the Effect of Severity of Disease and Clinical Outcomes in the Republic of Georgia
Field Assessment in Rural Western Kenya of a Gravity-based Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Device after 14 Months of Household Use
Linking Active and Passive Surveillance Data to Generate a Longitudinal Dataset of Schistosomiasis Infection in Sischuan Province, China
The Prevalence of Selected Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Effect of Disease Co-infection on Morbidity in Camiri, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia

Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholar Projects

Attitudes and Knowledge of Chagas Disease among Latin American Immigrants and Medical Care Providers in Georgia
Evaluating and Expanding a Mental Health Care Intervention in Rural Haiti
Evaluation of the Family Health Program on Perinatal Care Utilization, Vaccinations, and Child Nutrition in Vespasiano, Brazil
Evaluation of Undernutrition, Diarrheal Diseases, Rotavirus-Immune Competence and Cost-effectiveness in Vaccine-Eligible Infants in La Paz, Bolivia
Mobilizing Youth to Better their Community: CBPR in the Banado Sur Neighborhood of Asuncion, Paraguay
Promoting Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health through the Development of Strategic and Targeted Advocacy Campaigns Directed to the General Public to Reduce Abortion-related Stigma and Contribute to an Increased Access to Legal Abortion Services in Mexico
Quantifying the Contribution of Public Spaces to the Risk of Exposure to the Dengue Vector, Ae. Aegypti, in the City of Iquitos, Peru
Understanding the Connections and Tensions Between Religion, Health, and Development in Contemporary Kenya