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China Healthcare Conference

Westlake Forum III: Healthcare Reform in China and the U.S.: Similarities, Differences and Challenges

china conf 1 insetThe Emory Global Health Institute, along with Zhejiang University School of Medicine and the China Medical Board, hosted a conference entitled Westlake Forum III: Healthcare Reform in China and the US: Similarities, Differences and Challenges. The conference took place at the Emory Hotel and Conference Center in April 2011.

The Westlake Forum is a series of symposia initiated by Zhejiang Medical University and the China Medical Board to explore the major health policy issues facing China’s healthcare system. The first Westlake Forum was held in May 2007 with the theme of Health Equity and Health Security Systems; the second forum, Healthy China 2020: Policy and Action, was held in February 2009. Both forums were convened at the famous West Lake in the city of Hangzhou.

china conf 2 inset“Westlake Forum III” was the third conference in the Westlake series, and the first to be held in the United States. Two hundred and fifty scholars and practitioners from leading academic and governmental institutions in China and the United States gathered at Emory University to compare healthcare reform in the two countries and its impact on cost, quality, and access to care.

To encourage continued discussion and collaboration between the two countries’ researchers, the China Medical Board provided funding to EGHI to solicit seed grants from Emory faculty.

These seed grant projects include:

Epidemiology and Environmental Transmission of Cryptosporidium in China; Justin Remais, Rollins School of Public Health

Establishing a Collaborative Global Mental Health Center between Shanghai Mental Health Center and Emory University; Barbara Rothbaum, Emory University School of Medicine

Understanding the Health Burden of Tibetan Households; Eri Saikawa, Emory College