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Selected EGHI Videos

Please see our links below to selected videos related to EGHI activities and EGHI investigator activities.

Global Health Forum: Global Cancer at Emory
Global Health Forum: Refugee and Immigrant Health in Today's Political Climate
Global Health Forum: The Evolution of Global Health
Venkat Narayan Discusses EGHI's Investment in his Diabetes Research
Saad Omer Discusses EGHI's Investment in his Vaccine Research
Gonzalo Vasquez-Prokopek Discusses EGHI's investment in his Zika Virus Research
Emory Global Health Institute Overview
Emerging Global Health Threats: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us
Dr. Bill Foege: What Makes Global Health and the People Who Practice It Special?
Sir Michael G. Marmot: Fair Society, Healthy Lives 
Dr. Robert Breiman: CDC-KEMRI Surveillance for Infectious Diseases in Kibera 
Dr. Robert Breiman: Global Disease Detectives in Kibera
Emory Global Health Case Competition (2013)
Emory Global Health Case Competition (2012)
Emory Global Health Case Competition (2011)
Smallpox Eradication Commemoration 2010: Unveiling Video
Smallpox Eradication Commemoration 2010: Symposium Video
Democracy Needs Leaders Who Are Prepared to Serve the People: Interview with Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge (2008)